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Animal Bunny Rabbit
Candy Honeycomb
Level 3
Base Value 600 coins
Attack Top hats
File:Bunny housing 2.JPGThe Bunnycomb house is a small wooden hutch with a ramp.
Housing Cost 330 coins
Romance Dance

File:WildcardBunnycomb.jpgUnique Trait: Pointy Tail

Animbassidors: Betty and Bernardo

Easy to attract to your garden, but just as easy to lose to the appetite of a Pretztail, the Bunnycomb has no real option but to live life for the moment. Favourite food: root vegetables, favourite colour... orange.


Appear requirementsEdit

Visit requirementsEdit

  • A carrot in the garden

Resident requirementsEdit

  • You have 40 square pinometers of grass (4%)
  • Has eaten 3 carrots

Romance requirementsEdit

  • Has eaten a daisy or a buttercup
  • You have 60 square pinometers of grass (6%)
  • Have a Bunnycomb house in the garden

Species variantsEdit

Species variants for the Bunnycomb

Feeding it a pumpkin changes its color to orange. Feeding it a water lily flower changes its color to pink. Feeding it a gooseberry seed changes its color to a light green.

Species conflictsEdit

Bunnycomb usesEdit

  • 1 Bunnycomb or Cluckles in the garden helps meet the Pretztail Visit requirements.
  • Eating 1 Bunnycomb or Cluckles helps meet the Pretztail Resident requirements.
  • Eating 1 Bunnycomb helps meet the Mallowolf Romance requirements.

Other informationEdit

  • The Carrot is one of two seed choices that Leafos offers you. If you chose the Turnip, you can try talking with Seedos to obtain a carrot seed.
  • Despite being lower on the Food Chain, Bunnycombs will continue to visit the garden if a Pretztail or Mallowolf is present.
  • In the Journal the Orange Variant is listed as requiring a pumpkin seed when in fact it requires a grown pumpkin.
  • Due to a Misspelling it says that the Bunnycomb needs to eat 3 carrots but only needs to eat 2.
  • A glitch has been discovered where the Bunnycomb urinates, look it up on youtube.
  • they all do it like rabbits.

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