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Animal Dog
Candy Almond Bark
Level 6
Base Value 2100 coins
Attack Squeaky toy
File:BarkbarkHouse.jpgThe Barkbark house is a diner.
Housing Cost 1155 coins
Romance Dance

[1][2]Unique Trait: Curved tail

Animbassidor: (Unnamed) Barkbark

The Barkbark is a domestic pinata. You can buy it for 2310 chocolate coins at Miss Petula's Paper Pets shop in the village once you are a level 14 gardener.

The Barkbark is man's best friend. His qualities are loyalty, cheery disposition, obedience, and every now and then slobbery overfriendlyness.


Romance requirementsEdit

  • Is wearing a collar.
  • Has eaten one bone.
  • There is a Barkbark house in the garden.

Species variantsEdit

Species variants for the Barkbark

Feeding it a banana split changes its color to Green and Yellow. Feeding it a bottle of medicine changes its color to Pink and Purple. Feeding it a poison ivy flowerhead changes its color to green.

Species conflictsEdit

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